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There are 35 achievements and 3 milestones in the Scout pack. A Year to No - Hitter: Steal and then capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot. The Spy -cicle is a community-created melee weapon for the Spy. backstabbed, similar to the golden statue effect from Australium-infused weapons. Enemies will not turn into ice statues if killed via a standard melee swing. TF2 achievement Be, Be Efficient, Get 3 kills with the Sniper Rifle without missing a shot. TF2 achievement. wiki Spy achievements no The Spy (when not disguised) is dressed in a team-colored pinstripe suit, . Milestone 2: After unlocking 11 Spy achievements, you unlock the Cloak and. No - it would be better to let the town know who the perpetrators are, so that they could dispose of them They will not be notified on how many spies there are. Due to specific anti- Spy gear, such as the Razorback or Jarate, even targeting a Sniper may not be an easy way to obtain this achievement.

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Note that you do not need to backstab all three Snipers within a short period of time, so retreating after the first or second backstab is a viable option. Nanobalaclava Counterfeit Billycock L'Inspecteur Spectre's Spectacles Griffin's Gog. Win 5 games as a Medium. Talk to a Psychopath. Added misc: Lady Killer.