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Star Wars Force Awakens ALL Easter Eggs & References ( FULL MOVIE ) The full list was as follows: 9. Mr D. Mrs E, Mrs H. Mrs B, Mrs F, Mrs J, Mr K. Mrs A. Mr F, Mr G, Mr I. Mrs F. At a lecture on star wars to the Royal Institution, he noted that civil defence in the Soviet Union was run by retired army colonels. is offering £ to the first person to nominate one single species, other than. Star Wars (Penguin, ), and Union of Concerned Scientists The Fallacy The literature on the Soviet Union is too vast to list here. A summary and centre ground is provided in J. Baylis and G. Segal (eds), Soviet Strategy (Croom Helm, ). Diplomacy of Power (Brookings, ) and a useful pamphlet by F. Kaplan. This is a list of Star Wars species, containing the names of fictional sentient species from the [hide]. v · t · e · Star Wars species. Species. Bantha · Ewok · Hutt · Sarlacc · Tusken Raiders · Wookiee · Yuuzhan Vong. Lists. A– E ; F – J ; K–O · P–T.

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However, the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed their planet when the second in command released a plague that turned everything into a black sludge. Their nose is two separate flaps that contain both the senses of smell and of hearing. These souls of ancient warriors were brought back by the dark Jedi Komari Vosa. Durge fought and bested a young Boba Fett in combat but was later beaten on Muunilinst by Obi-Wan Kenobibefore being killed in space by Anakin Skywalkernear the end of the Clone Wars Anakin trapped Durge in an escape pod then used the Force to guide it into a nearby star. Yellow, purple, red, green, and orange eyes are seen regularly. They enslaved the Yaka from nearby planets, turning them into cyborgs.