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Have you tried nuru massage? Would love to hear of any first-hand experiences with this extra-slippery style of massage before I go through the expense of. just would like any feedback if anyone has tried a Nuru Massage as it please search yourself on this forum see what you may find:dash. for you: massage You have been catering to and having gay sex customers for 20 years? Wow .. Try to report and lets see how stupid you look when you realise to read that all wrong and your complaint goes nowhere. .. Sign in or create an account to comment on this topic.


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I kinda wish sensual massage would be legal so that the people who want it can get it without imposing themselves on people like me who do not wish to have sex as a career. Posted 09 September - PM I would say in Bangkok you can get better massage than what you can get in Kuala Lumpur. The main thing is trying to communicate that information to each other in a way that is legal, or rather, not illegal. Hey Ronaldo, you being De Pimp and all, as appointed in recent threadsurely you can send them the right professionals? Which area of the city should I stay in? Amsterdam Hotels with Parking. forum topic nuru massage have you tried it