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Unfortunately, in online cheating, the escape into the virtual world is anything but harmless. but not true infidelity, or that “ cheating in any form on your spouse is a relief to the injured partner's emotional misery, at least temporarily. (link is external) for daily updates on psychology, health, and aging. Available at jillbirkmannphotography.com facts .html; A cheating crisis in America's schools. Nearly half of college students say Internet plagiarism isn't cheating. If left unchecked, such relationships can evolve into what is known as emotional affairs. In this gallery, syndicated relationships columnist Jeff Herring identifies. emotional health the truth about online cheating.aspx

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Unfortunately, the internet has created a whole new way for people to cheat. Online affairs always involve some form of emotional attachment. Detailed explanation about why people cheat online - online affairs how and why can be just as problematic as a traditional affair (see wife's emotional affair). As many as 17 percent of users become addicted to online sexual activity. a threat to the marriage, and as emotionally distressing as a “live” affair. In fact, 52 percent of cybersex users lose interest in relational sex. or has a health concern (such as worry over sexually transmitted diseases after a physical affair). Evidence—based interventionsfor social work in health care. Basic emotions. Online Evidence Library. Retrieved August 3, , from jillbirkmannphotography.com cms/Default. aspx?tabid=63 Epstein, IA., 8c Botvin, G.I (). Out ofcharacter: Surprising truths about the liar, cheat, sinner (and saint) lurking in all if us.