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Page 1 welcome participants to Oral Health He reflected upon .. Populations. aspx. 8. DataStatistics / SurgeonGeneral / sgr /. Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General. Available at https:// DataStatistics / SurgeonGeneral / sgr / .. Available at Pages / welcome. aspx. Available at page =TheCASROCode · External Web Site Icon. Oral health in America: a report of the Surgeon General. Available at sgr /sgrohweb/ · External Web Site Icon. Available at aspx. DataStatistics SurgeonGeneral sgr Pages welcome.aspx

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The Burden of Oral Diseases and Disorders Oral diseases are progressive and cumulative and become more complex over time. Professional care is necessary for maintaining oral health, yet 25 percent of poor children have not seen a dentist before entering kindergarten. At present, there is an overall need for behavioral and clinical research, clinical trials, health services research, and community-based demonstration research.

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The lack of personnel with oral health expertise at all levels in public health programs remains a serious problem, as does the projected unmet oral health faculty and researcher needs. The project has also advanced research by collecting data on the oral health problems seen in special care patients and by correlating these problems with the underlying health problem. Together, we can effect the changes we need to maintain and improve oral health for all Americans. Several oral health campaigns are raising awareness of why oral health is important and how to access care, such as a nationwide campaign by the American Dental Association emphasizing the importance of the early diagnosis of oral cancer. Acute dental conditions contribute to a range try office headsets speakerphones problems for employed adults, including restricted activity, bed days, and work loss, and school loss for children. They spoke as community leaders, care providers, directors of clinics and public health and health care financing agencies, and as representatives of dental schools, schools of dental hygiene, and dental societies. NIDCR Laboratories Intramural Research.