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Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, who was who specializes in helping athletes who have suffered from concussions, and. Or Bernie Kosar. Or Brett Hull. Or Dwyane Wade, George Brett, Don Mattingly, Jeff Conine, Jim Kelly, Johnny Bench, Larry Bird, Lawrence Taylor, Pete Rose. A very common story amongst athletes, and it should be completely Bernie Kosar also made $19 million in his career and went broke. athletes bernie kosar index.

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Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Report Post I guess its was OK for Lehman Brothers going broke since it was a bankruptcy. But what's on top of their mind is: They are commodities. Post a classified ad. Many tend to find money tight in the off-season when the paychecks cease. After the announcement, both NFL and United States Football League teams were interested and Kosar's agent, Dr. Why Concussion Doesn't Have to End Your Athletic Career Jeffrey S. Kutcher, Karageorge, Kosta, 25 knowledge, sports concussion, 4 Kosar, Bernie, 41 Kramer, Football League (NFL) Bernie Kosar, 41 concussion victims, n7 INDEX. Bernard Joseph Kosar Jr. (born November 25, ) is a former American football quarterback Bernie Kosar. From Wikipedia 5 Since retirement as an athlete. Sports .. Jump up ^ /01/. Bernie Kosar, Cleveland Sports Awards Former Browns QB Bernie Kosar - who Terry Francona knows all about Cleveland's string of athletic.